[Blink] Incompatible SIP services

Klaus Meßlinger blinkpro at ndom.net
Wed Mar 30 12:55:56 CEST 2011

> This is not about the drawbacks of a specific application. X-Lite is a
> rather popular SIP client and my annoyance is caused by how people would
> sometimes wave its behaviour as a de-facto standard.
> The entire response from 1&1 shows lack of understanding of the problem,
> or a reluctance to deal with it. What the "Incompatible SIP services"
> page on Blink's site says is that the technique 1&1 expect clients to
> use is outdated and does not always work. There are indeed many
> scenarios where it would pull through, which is probably why they
> consider X-Lite as "working" with their service.
> This doesn't change anything to the fact that using STUN as a standalone
> NAT traversal solution (and especially using it for SIP headers) is a
> very lame solution that would often fail. To projects like Blink
> implementing it would hence imply wasting resources so that part of the
> users of a certain provider would be able to successfully connect to it.
> Emil

Dear all,

I admit that it is an unprofessional attitude from 1&1. They contacted me to let me know they don't have it on their roadmap to support RFC 5389.

On the other hand: 1&1 is the biggest internet and SIP provider in Germany, so there are lots of potential buyers for Blink Pro. And, as I gather from the names on this forum, there are also lots of German Blink supporters (i.e. potential or actual customers). So, as tough a decision as it is, it would be to Blink's advantage to support a deprecated standard, because it concerns so many people. Like me.

X-Lite/Bria worked from the start with a perfect connection and sound quality and really straight-forward setup. As much as I like Blink Pro, I simply cannot change my provider that I use for both home and work lines, because they are not compatible with a one of many applications. No offence - I just have to be realistic.

Still, I don't want my money back, because you're doing a brilliant job, and you're very professional and perfectly responsive.


PS: Bria supports both RFC 3489 and RFC 5389, as far as I can tell.

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