[Blink] "Stalker Voice" when calling mobile numbers

Klaus Meßlinger blinkpro at ndom.net
Tue Mar 22 14:05:44 CET 2011

> When you call to PSTN you are passing a PSTN gateway. It may be a codec related problem.
> Do you have this problem when you call between two SIP clients directly or only when you call to a PSTN number?
> Adrian

Hi Adrian,

my home phone setting is VoIP, managed by the Fritz!Box router. Calling any number - landline/PSTN, VoIP, mobile - is OK when I use my handset. It is also OK when I use Blink Pro, except for outbound calls to the mobile network.

My handset and Blink Pro are registered with Fritz!Box as separate telephone devices, so technically outbound calls should use the same protocoll from there.

I have not yet cross-tested the effect with mobile numbers from different networks, but I will. 


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