[Blink] Using Contactizer Pro and Phone Amego

Florian Koch florian.koch at online.de
Fri Jul 15 13:55:59 CEST 2011

using Blink Lite as sip client and Contactizer Pro as CRM App (http://objective-decision.com/) I would like to connect both and make (dial) & receive phone calls directly out of CP. 
CP passes the number to dial via generic sip protocol ("sip://[number]"). Unfortunately Blink Lite tries to dial "//[number]" which of course causes an error.
Is there an chance to get rid of the two slashes "//"? Or any other solution to make these two apps communicate?

plan B, if not:
CP also provides a direct link to phone amego (http://www.sustworks.com/pa_guide/index.html). Is there any chance to make phone amego and Blink Lite work together? 

I am thankful for any help,
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