[Blink] Config problems with 1&1 SIP provider

"Robert M. Münch" robert.muench at robertmuench.de
Mon Feb 28 17:33:24 CET 2011

Am 27.02.2011 um 20:03 schrieb Adrian Georgescu:

>> I have STUN information for their service. Do I need to configure Blink to use it? Where can I do this?
> You cannot. Using STUN for Register is an unreliable because whatever you learn from a STUN request may change over time without being noticed and STUN query results depend on the type of NAT you are behind, is undeterministic behavior you cannot rely upon. 
> Blink does not use STUN for Register nor should any SIP service rely upon STUN, is bad practice.

Hmm.... ok. Why does "Telephone" work with 1&1? It doesn't has these connection problems, but others in that it crashes quite often.

So no luck to get Blink to work with 1&1?


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