[Blink] google contacts [blink 0.2.3 on Windows 7 (64-bit)]

layer layer at known.net
Tue Feb 15 23:08:02 CET 2011

I'm just evaluating Blink due to a clusterf**k with Bria's licensing
scheme.  Looks very promising!  Good work.

I absolutely love the integration with google contacts.  Brilliant!
With Bria I had to export the contacts from google and import them
into Bria, and it always f'd them up somehow.

I can't see seem to get new google contacts to get imported, though.
Last night I added a test contact, and this morning Blink still didn't
have it.  So, I did "Disable Google Contacts" and then "Enable Google
Contacts", but it still doesn't have the new contact.

Is this a bug?


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