[Blink] New Blink Cocoa release 0.23.2

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Tue Feb 15 20:20:30 CET 2011


Blink Cocoa 0.23.2 is now available with many improvements related to conferencing and support for non-ascii characters in file names, configuration options and display names. 

Multimedia conferencing is now super easy. Just click Call -> Join Conference and you will experience a full wide-band audio conference, with participants sidebar and reliable Instant Messaging session using MSRP switch provided by SylkServer. Next iteration of SylkServer will provide multi-party file-transfers and third-party invitations including calling to and from PSTN numbers.

The history viewer now contains a full overview of your chat sessions, audio calls and file transfers.


Version 0.23.2

February 15th, 2011

Added Cmd-J short-key for Join conference
Changed Silent short-key to Cmd-S
Replace Cmd-A with Cmd-N short-key for add contact action
Allow add contact from search results to join conference window
Disable participants menu items for bonjour accounts
Moved Voicemail items from History to Call menu
Filter contacts by search text in History viewer
Filter contacts by media type in History viewer
Renamed menu Audio to Devices and Conference to Call
Reduce number of previous chat messages fetched from history
Fixed display of audio devices with unicode characters
Fixed unicode support in preferences
Refactored handling of unicode filenames on file transfer
Fixed saving and retrieving unicode data from history files
Fixed unicode support for unicode capable objects
Fixed handling utf-8 encoded display name in chat sessions
Removed chat history folder setting
Add both reason and failure_reason to BlinkSessionDidFail notification
Fixed TLS path, SIP proxy and MSRP relay options display in preferences
Fixed race condition when chat message is received and window is closed
Render the display name in chat Growl notifications
Fixed grouping history entries by account
Made sessions logging more consistent
Fixed exception when right clicking an empty area on history window
Fixed HTTPURL datatype in the preferences panel
Do not close drawer on window close to avoid transition artifacts
Fixed saving history entry for failed audio calls
Renamed Chat history to History viewer
Refresh the Contacts list of History viewer when a contact has changed
Log audio calls to chat history only if the contact exists
Handle exception when not a valid SIP URI in daily entries
Added filter by media popUp button on history toolbar
Added file transfer information to chat history
Fixed session duration formatting
Fixed logging rejected audio session and made statement more efficient
Added entries in chat history for audio calls
Update status when file transfer session failed during DNS lookup
Fixed exception when adding a contact to a folded group
Fixed service provider settings provisioning
Fixed stopping chat controller when DNS lookup fails
Fixed accouting for failed calls during DNS lookup
Print a generic message in chat view when MSRP chat stream failed
Refactored File Transfer to use sqlobject storage backend

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