[Blink] Blink 0.2.7 for Windows an call setup against AVM FRITZ!Box

Olav Seyfarth olav.seyfarth at web.de
Thu Dec 22 12:54:24 CET 2011

Hi Paul,

> Can you please check if you have the following files C:\Program
> Files\Blink\blink.exe-stderr C:\Program Files\Blink\blink.exe-stdout

no, I don't see them. I now enabled all debugging options, restarted blink and
called. Blink crashed. Still no logs. Are you sure there is no write permission
issue? You really should use c:\Users\<UID>\AppData\{Roaming|Local}\ to log!
The path depends on the Windows version and language and thus should be read
from the registry or the environment variable %APPDATA%.


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