[Blink] Installed size of Blink?

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Fri Aug 12 18:41:29 CEST 2011

On Linux, the size of Blink itself is not that relevant compared to the dependencies required to run it. You must check the size of all required packages and sum them up. 


On Aug 12, 2011, at 5:03 PM, RAC wrote:

> Hi!
> My netbook (ASUS 701) has a small SSD, so one factor in choosing a VoIP client is installed size. This netbook now is running with a slimmed-down Ubuntu variant, and it does have Python installed.
> Were would Blink fit, in a list of other clients, regarding installed size in such as system? To give a frame of reference, I am looking at the following: Blink, Linphone, Ekiga and Jitsi. Putting the list in proper sequential order would be most helpful to me.
> I searched old posts on the keywords 'size' and 'installation' but got zero hits, so I suppose no one has ever posed this question?
> Thanks!
> Ron
> P.S.: not sure how this works! Am am registered on the Blink Support Forum, from this E-mail address, but when I click on the link to post, I'm taken to 'new mail' in my own E-mail client, which of course doesn't show me as as being registered with Blink! If I have to do something else, please let me know – this is my first post.
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