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MediacastGuy mcg-lists at mediacastguy.com
Fri Apr 22 16:09:51 CEST 2011

My first test went well and successfully negotiated G722. The problem is that
the audio from the caller is low on my end, and my audio on the callers side is
low. When we use X-Lite, TalkShoe web, Google Voice, and Skype, the audio levels
are perfect. If I increase the speaker volume on my computer to make the
caller's volume loud enough, the Windows system sounds (ding) will knock me out
of the chair. What I am saying is that the volume problem is not because I have
something set wrong in my Windows default settings.

Are there volume controls in Blink? Is there automatic level control, like Skype?

The quality is great. I really hope that we can solve the problem. We use these
SIP solutions for a weekly radio show, so quality and level are paramount.

Again, thanks for all the help.


PS: If anyone is willing to give me a very brief call on Blink, please reply
directly by email, and I'll send my SIP account number. If I get a call from
someone who uses Blink regularly, I will have a point of comparison.

On 4/21/2011 3:17 PM, Adrian Georgescu wrote:
> By default Blink offers G722 wideband codec as first choice, so the answer for your question is yes.
> Adrian
> On Apr 21, 2011, at 9:01 PM, MediacastGuy wrote:
>> I'm still very new to Blink. When I connect to the supplied test sites using
>> Voxalot, Blink connects at 16K wideband audio. When I dial another user who has
>> Blink (I haven't found one yet although a friend is installing it), will Blink
>> automatically negotiate the 16K bandwidth? Are there any settings to ensure that
>> the connections are 16K instead of 8K?
>> MCG
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