[Blink] Perplexed

Daniel Brauen dan at lighthouseco.net
Wed Apr 13 02:17:58 CEST 2011

Did some more testing with friend on remote side, it seems to be a problem between blink and windows or our sound cards. We get no output audio in any part of the program. There is no program opening sound, no rings or click when using the Blink App. BUT if I use the working windows 7 computer I can hear him but he still can not hear me.

I have a Realtek AC’97 Audio Using alcxwdm.sys driver 5.10.5870 built by WinDDK

And his is a VIA HD Audio Using viahduaa.sys drive built by WinDDK


I understand my computer has some age but his is new.. Hope this gives you more info


Thanks Again



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On 12/4/11 12:31 AM, Daniel Brauen wrote:
> Hello,
> Extremely perplexed here, I have installed the basic Blink for windows.
> I get no audio in or out of my computer and cannot hear my voicemail
> messages either. I have a Windows 7 Computer which I did the same
> install to and it works fine, so I know there shouldnt be a network
> issue or a router issue.

The tracebacks you attached show a number of errors. One of which is
related to audio devices handling. Can you please describe what you
tried to do? Did you plug any device in? Do you only see this happening
in Windows 7?


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