[Blink] Blink, Desktop and Interfaces

Matt spam-icanblink.com at matt.bogosian.net
Sun Oct 17 04:03:48 CEST 2010

I'd like to second this request from "Count Zero" <countz at gmail.com>:

> 3) It would be absolutely incredible if it was possible to transfer calls between two laptops, both using the same SIP line. Me and my wife use Blink on our laptops, on the same SIP line, and this would be extremely useful.

On other devices, I can transfer calls between sub accounts on voip.ms. For example:

1. Call into sub account 1 from outside line.
2. Sub account 1 can transfer to sub account 2 and hang up.
3. Sub account 2 and the outside line can continue the conversation.

In Blink, I can only do the following:

1. Call into sub account 1 (Blink) from outside line.
2. Place outside call on hold from sub account 1.
3. Dial sub account 2 from sub account 1.
4. Join calls from outside line and to sub account 2 in conference.
5. WAIT to hang up on either call in sub account 1 until conversation between outside line and sub account 2 is finished (otherwise, everyone is disconnected on "Hang Up All Calls").

On some DTMF devices, *98<EXT># will transfer the call to EXT, but this obviously doesn't work for Blink.

In any event, please consider this a +1 vote for enabling transfers as a feature. Thanks!


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