[Blink] Blink stores plain word passwords in its config file?

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Tue Nov 23 23:41:57 CET 2010

Dan Pascu writes:

> The conclusion is that either you use a desktop system you own and  
> you're your own root user so you trust yourself implicitly, or you run  
> on a system owned by someone you trust. Otherwise there is no  
> protection against a root user that is willing and determined to read  
> your files or to know what you type on the keyboard.

the conclusion is wrong.  i can own my own system and it may get
lost/stolen.  if blink would ask password each time blink is started, it
would not be possible for the new "owner" of the system to recover the
password at least if the system was not booted or blink was not running,
when the system disappeared.

-- juha

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