[Blink] Blink GTK / Windows - command line arguments?

Luke Hamburg luke at solvent-llc.com
Wed Nov 17 14:12:11 CET 2010

Hi, I would like to register Blink as the application to handle SIP protocol
URIs in the form sip://123456@xyz.com

I know how to do this in Firefox by going to about:config and adding the
following key:




The next time a sip:// url is encountered, Firefox will prompt for which
application to open.  I can select Blink and it does launch but it does not
dial the number.  I believe this is a problem to where Blink is not
accepting the URL as a commandline parameter.   Or maybe it needs something


"Blink.exe /dial sip://123456@xyz.com"


Can anyone guide me here?  Currently I have X-Lite working for this but I
prefer to use Blink.





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