[Blink] Client/Identity IP Configuration

Fred Schroeder alfred.schroeder at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 23 15:24:19 CEST 2010


I'm trying to use Blink in a very specific but most likely not unsual setup
and encounter a problem.
Our company is running an Asterisk VoIP PBX in our company
LAN. I access this LAN via Tunnelblick VPN client from my Mac.
Working in my home-office in my own local area network this
leads to a conflict:
A IP address (within a class c net) is assigned to
my Macbook in this local network.
The roadwarrior VPN-configuration (host-network) brings up another tun0
device with a different IP 10.42.x.x as part of the VPN
which connects my notebook to our company LAN (10.3.X.X) including
the Asterisk.

So network, routing is setup and everything works fine - except for the
Blink - Asterisk connection.

It looks like Blink binds itself to the en0 interface of the notebook
with its IP. This leads to some issues in the communication with the
Allthough the SIP-Headers of the registration packages sent
to the Asterisk include the en0 ( IP the Asterisk
wants to talk to the VPN IP 10.42.x.x. So we end up in a kind
of deadlock in this registration process, because Blink won't
answer to any packets received on the tun0 interface (10.42.x.x).

So my question:
Is it possible (e.g. via config file) to bind Blink to the tun0 IP
or generally to another IP/interface than en0?
I'd like to do so because I wouldn't need to bother with NAT
or whatever in such a setup.

Mac OS X 10.6.4
Tunnelblick 3.0
Blink 0.18.2



P.S.: Blink is an amazing client. I really like it.
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