[Blink] 0.19.1: requests/fixes: [1] during call: tape icon for recording [2] contacts: middle name display order [3] better contact search [4] lower audio bandwidth [5] option to hide fax numbers [6] remove "Add to Conference" button

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Sat Jul 10 11:52:43 CEST 2010

>> After a few weeks of using Blink, I would like to propose six requests and fixes:
>> 1. Feature request: during call: tape icon for recording

This was actually used in the first blink release and later removed because though it sounded great it was ugly.

>> 2. Fix: contacts: middle name display order

Will be done in next release.

>> 3. Fix: better contact search
>>  ========================
>>  In a situation where address book contains a card like...
>>  first:"John" middle:"F." and last:"Kennedy",
>>  and typing exactly "John F. Kennedy" into the blink "Search Contacts and Address Book" box,
>>  no result is returned, 
>>  as soon as the first character of the middle name has been typed ("John F") no results are available.
>>  Please try to do better (sub)string matching.

High chance that will be done in next release.

>> 4. Feature request: have lower audio bandwidth consumption during call, by allowing codec (quality) preferences
>>  ========================
>>  When being mobile on expensive € 0.18 - € 12 /MB, 3G GSM network data connections,
>>  you would like to transfer as few bits as possible while calling,
>>  current blink 0.19.1 gives only the option to choose a coded.
>>  What is needed next, are more options to set the codecs (quality) preferences, to reduce bandwidth to the bare minimum.

You may want to try GSM codec, it has about 30Kbit/s, if the other end point support it you may put this as your first preference. Same for iLBC.

Codecs are negotiated by both end-points and are not depending on Blink alone. Then most of the codecs that feature compression have usually a license that is incompatible with a free software like Blink. The codecs are not part of Blink but belong to libraries that Blink uses so the chance of this happening is very low also for this reason. 

>> 5. Feature request: hide / reorder fax numbers
>>  =========================
>>  Novice blink users having fax numbers stored in their Address Book,
>>  can become frustrated by the blink "Search Contacts and Address Book" results.
>>  These results list both phone and fax numbers, without any differentiation between these.
>>  Even the word "fax" is stripped of the label, only remaining "home", "work".
>>  Please [a] don't change address book labels, and show "fax" when it is a fax number,
>>  [b] reorder, the search results to display "phone" numbers first and "fax" numbers last,
>>  [c] by default hide fax numbers at all on new installations, and give power users the preference to unhide.

Something around this logic can be done.

>> 6. Fix: remove "Add to Conference" button displayed over random "Search Contacts and Address Book" results

This is bug that I am aware of but I am not able to reproduce it, it happens seldom. I hope we can catch it at some point in time.

>>  =========================
>>  On fresh blink 0.19.1 application start, 
>>  a search returns results and shows a (disabled) "Add to Conference" button above the result lines.
>>  After making a few phone calls and searches (can't tell the exact path to reproduce though this happens often),
>>  this (disabled) "Add to Conference" button is positioned over one of the search results (2nd, 3th).
>>  See attached screen shots.

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