[Blink] 0.19.1: requests/fixes: [1] during call: tape icon for recording [2] contacts: middle name display order [3] better contact search [4] lower audio bandwidth [5] option to hide fax numbers [6] remove "Add to Conference" button

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Thu Jul 8 15:52:21 CEST 2010

Hi Ceriel,

Thanks for the good feedback!


On Jul 8, 2010, at 12:35 PM, cerieljacobs wrote:

> Hi,
> After a few weeks of using Blink, I would like to propose six requests and fixes:
> 1. Feature request: during call: tape icon for recording
>   =======================
>   Current 0.19.1 icon for recording a call is a filled black circle,
>   which is indeed most often used in music installations,
>   though not immediately clear,
>   my guess is that when testing with two open circles, 
>   arranged horizontally side by side with a small gap in between, 
>   and a horizontal line at the top of these two circles to connect them together,
>   giving the appearance of a (cassette)tape, is immediately clear to a higher percentage of users.
> 2. Fix: contacts: middle name display order
>   ========================
>   Mac OS X address book has a feature to show a "middle name" field.
>   Example: "John F. Kennedy", where "F." is the "middle name".
>   More info: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Middle_name
>   This middle name field is not enabled by default, but can be enabled: Preferences > Template > Add Field
>   In address book 5.0.2 this middle name field is displayed, between the first and the last name.
>   In blink 0.19.1 the middle name is displayed after the last name.
>   Please change that, and show middle name field between first and last name.
> 3. Fix: better contact search
>   ========================
>   In a situation where address book contains a card like...
>   first:"John" middle:"F." and last:"Kennedy",
>   and typing exactly "John F. Kennedy" into the blink "Search Contacts and Address Book" box,
>   no result is returned, 
>   as soon as the first character of the middle name has been typed ("John F") no results are available.
>   Please try to do better (sub)string matching.
> 4. Feature request: have lower audio bandwidth consumption during call, by allowing codec (quality) preferences
>   ========================
>   When being mobile on expensive € 0.18 - € 12 /MB, 3G GSM network data connections,
>   you would like to transfer as few bits as possible while calling,
>   current blink 0.19.1 gives only the option to choose a coded.
>   What is needed next, are more options to set the codecs (quality) preferences, to reduce bandwidth to the bare minimum.
> 5. Feature request: hide / reorder fax numbers
>   =========================
>   Novice blink users having fax numbers stored in their Address Book,
>   can become frustrated by the blink "Search Contacts and Address Book" results.
>   These results list both phone and fax numbers, without any differentiation between these.
>   Even the word "fax" is stripped of the label, only remaining "home", "work".
>   Please [a] don't change address book labels, and show "fax" when it is a fax number,
>   [b] reorder, the search results to display "phone" numbers first and "fax" numbers last,
>   [c] by default hide fax numbers at all on new installations, and give power users the preference to unhide.
> 6. Fix: remove "Add to Conference" button displayed over random "Search Contacts and Address Book" results
>   =========================
>   On fresh blink 0.19.1 application start, 
>   a search returns results and shows a (disabled) "Add to Conference" button above the result lines.
>   After making a few phone calls and searches (can't tell the exact path to reproduce though this happens often),
>   this (disabled) "Add to Conference" button is positioned over one of the search results (2nd, 3th).
>   See attached screen shots.
> Kind regards,
> Ceriel Jacobs
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