[Blink] Blink 0.19.1 consumes relative much CPU (22x) and physical RAM (9x) in comparison to Telephone 0.14.3

cerieljacobs cerieljacobs at gmail.com
Fri Jul 9 17:22:03 CEST 2010

The results of Activity Monitor (while both Blink and Telephone applications are idle, and have been running for multiple hours) are:

Resource	Blink 0.19.1	Telephone 0.14.3	Factor	
--------------- --------------- ------------------      -------
%CPU		9.6-10.7%	0.4-0.5%		22.5x
Phys.memory	101.6 MB	11.5 MB			8.8x	
--------------- --------------- ------------------      -------

Hopefully the developers find some space in their roadmap to reduce CPU and memory consumed by a running Blink application.

Kind regards,
Ceriel Jacobs

My eye caught attention to this because:
A. I was more closely monitoring RAM and CPU consumption of user window processes, due to a memory leak in Firefox+Firebug+Mobotix Live view.
B. While being in the transition from Telephone 0.14.3 (due to lack of development and lower audio quality of calls) to Blink, I am running both app simultaneous.
C. Blink consumed more CPU resource than an actively running Firefox 3.6.6 with 10+ extensions enabled 

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