[Blink] DTMF not supported

Paul E list-blink at dragon.net
Fri Aug 27 21:41:09 CEST 2010

>> When I call conference bridges or VM, I have to wait until the remote
>> end completely stops talking and pauses before I can send digits via
>> the numbers keys on the keyboard. If I start while the other end is
>> still talking, no DTMF and I have to hang up and redial.

saul> I did test this with an Asterisk server, are you capable of
saul> debugging DTMF information in the server?

I don't have access to the server. However, this problem is not specific
to asterisk. I hit this will all voicemail and conf bridge systems.

It seems like if there is any incoming audio at all, blink isn't
listening to the keyboard for numbers.

>> Also, if I move focus to any other app while waiting for the remote end
>> to stop talking and then click to focus back into blink, no DTMF.

saul> In order to send DTMF, you need to select the session to which you
saul> want to send DTMF tones to. That is, if you focus another
saul> application you need to call the active session box before DTMFs
saul> will be sent.

Even when I click on the specific audio session in the "Audio Sessions"
side window to put focus back, it still doesn't listen to keyboard

saul> Tones are also echoed back to you, so if you don't hear them it
saul> means Blink not even attempt to send them.

That's what I was assuming.

Hence my contention that blink mostly never seems to be listening to the
keyboard other than in a very small specific window of time.

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