[Blink] DTMF not supported

Paul E list-blink at dragon.net
Fri Aug 27 21:02:16 CEST 2010

ebersman> When I call conference bridges or VM, I have to wait until the
ebersman> remote end completely stops talking and pauses before I can
ebersman> send digits via the numbers keys on the keyboard. If I start
ebersman> while the other end is still talking, no DTMF and I have to
ebersman> hang up and redial.

ag> May I ask what equipment is at the other end and what kind of DTMF
ag> format it expects?

I find the same behavior with all the conf. bridges I have to deal
with. My VM is on asterisk but I've hit this with a sprint conference
service, something verizon is using, etc.

No clue what the other expects beyond audible didgets. As I said, if I
wait until the other end is all done with all the prompts, my hitting my
keyboard numbers gives the DTMF like you'd hear on a pay phone, etc. and
it works. If I don't wait and try to hit the number while the other end
is still speaking, I get no noise and no DTMF.

It's almost like I'm in half duplex.

And if I shift focus out of the dial window at all, no DTMF when I put
focus back on blink.

Seems like an option to have a dialpad in blink that always plays the
DTMF wav files whenever you want would solve this problem.

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