[Blink] contact search selection

Andreas Sikkema ASikkema at office.unet.nl
Tue Apr 6 12:01:23 CEST 2010

> While it sounds like a useful feature it also has issues. Imagine I 
> type ibm, it finds the 1800ibmserv entry and then I type Enter. With 
> what you propose it would call the entry that was found. However if 
> this time I intended to call just sip:ibm at mysipserver.com and I just 
> typed ibm knowing that it will automatically add the domain, it will 
> not work and there is no way to dial anything that is a substring of 
> an existing contact, as it will dial that contact instead. The only 
> way around this is to type the whole SIP URI in order to avoid the 
> other contact to be matched by the search or to add it as a contact, 
> which can be annoying if you only need to dial it once.

You will need to build something like the "Awesome bar" in Firefox (that's 
the address bar to normal people). Where it searches in bookmarks and 
history and probably some other sources of data.


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