[SIP Beyond VoIP] Sylkserver – I'm too stupid to understand the sparse documentation

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Mon Jun 18 11:50:20 CEST 2018

> On 17 Jun 2018, at 13:31, Paul <xmppaulina at protonmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to setup Sylkserver as a SIP/XMPP Gateway. My first problem is that I find it really hard to comprehend how Sylkserver really works in general. I also feel that some configuration options are not exactly self-explanatory and the brief comments in the config files don't help much. I read all the documentation on the website and searched the archives, but I'm still lost. Trial and error also didn't work.
> What I wanted to achieve is that the users on my XMPP server can call an Asterisk server and receive calls from Asterisk.
> XMPP client <---> example.net (XMPP server) <---> gate.example.net (Sylkserver) <---> pbx.example.net (Asterisk SIP)

Yes, this is the main usage scenario for which the server was designed.

> If this wouldn't work with Syslkserver or if Sylkserver isn't recommended as a solution for such a gateway I can stop right here. If it's suitable for my case, here is what I don't understand fully:
> I need to set a domain for the xmppgateway. This would be gate.example.net?

Think about SylkServer as being an XMPP server serving the same SIP domain. It supports Server to Server connections and for remote XMPP domains looks like is serving pbx.example.net <http://pbx.example.net/> SIP domain. It does not handle XMMP clients, just remote server connections.

> I also need a SRV record _xmpp-server._tcp.gate.example.net
> Do I need additional server records for SIP like _sip._udp.example.net?

The SIP DNS records must point to the SIP server
The XMPP DNS records must point to SylkServer

> For what is
> ; default_application = conference
> good for?

The config snippet explains how to launch a given application, as the server supports multiple apps (like playing voice prompts). When nothing particular is defined for a certain URK this is the application launched. Let’s say you start the server with the default config and send a SIP Invite to a random URL pointing at SylkServer, what should the server do when receiving such request? Well, it connects the request to the conference application and creates a room with that dialed URI.

> Where and when is the application_map applied? (incoming, outgoing requests?)
> ; application_map = echo:echo,123:conference,test:ircconference,gmail.com:xmppgateway
> gmail.com???

For Incoming requests reaching the SIP interface of SylkServer.


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