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Mike Morris mike at musicplace.com
Thu Dec 7 02:52:49 CET 2017


I've been using the fabulous Blink client (on Linux) for several months 
and really love it. I'd like to set it up as a "click to dial" handler 
for URLs common on the internet, either the "TEL:" or "SIP:" schemes. A 
couple of questions:

 1. It looks like Blink itself does not support command line parameters,
    is that correct?
 2. I haven't seen any mention of an API for blink so I assume that does
    not exist either, is that correct?
 3. The "SIP SIMPLE client SDK" clearly *does* support command line
    dialing. Before I try to figure out how to use it, will I be able to
    have Blink running, and dial a call with the SIP Simple Client (via
    a script or URI handler) and handle the call via the running Blink

Or are #2 and #3 each other's answer.... is the SIP Simple client 
actually an API into blink???

Sorry for such newb questions and what I expected to find easily as a 
FAQ, but I could not find it...



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