[SIP Beyond VoIP] 405 method not allowed

manju amanju0211 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 12:27:32 CET 2015

Good Evening!

I am madhu,writing from INDIA.
I have blink on windows and sylkserver running on virtualbox(ubuntu).

1.In blink client,added sip account.Given display name,sip address(
22335474 at sip2sip.info) and password too.
2.What should be given in outbound proxy field,under preferences tab???
3.My issue is REGISTER sip:sip2sip.info sipv2.0 framed register method is
seen in wireshark but 405 method not allowed is the one thrown by

Please kindly let me know the corrections or configuring of BLINK CLIENT to
have successful registration.
Have done zero configuration in SYLKSERVER.

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