[SIP Beyond VoIP] installation issues

Tito Cumpen soulofmischief87 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 09:02:25 CET 2014

hey group,

I have tried installing cdr tool from the wheezy repo As stated in the
install guide and I am having a couple of issues. The first of my issues
was the following
this happened when attempting to run

PHP Fatal error:  Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed in
/var/www/CDRTool/phplib/session.inc on line 259

Also is there anyway to check why the CDRtool page is not loading?
Currently I am getting a blank page with no errors. Where are the database
accounts entered once they are created

/var/www/CDRtool/setup/mysql/setup_mysql.sh <password> <dbserver>


Can cdr tool report on failure routes? Say a call went to another carrier?

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