[SIP Beyond VoIP] sylkserver direction:active

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Tue Nov 4 00:46:16 CET 2014

Hi Juha,

Take a look at SDPAttribute function that can add arbitrary attributes to the SDP for a stream. For example Blink adds various attributes to the SDP related to an MSRP stream like this:

class BlinkChatStream(ChatStream):
    def _create_local_media(self, uri_path):
        local_media = super(BlinkChatStream, self)._create_local_media(uri_path)
        local_media.attributes.append(SDPAttribute('features', 'history-control icon'))
        return local_media


On 02 Nov 2014, at 12:59, Juha Heinanen <jh at tutpro.com> wrote:

> any idea how big job would it be to add sdp direction:active support to
> sylkserver so that media proxy would not be needed if someone from
> behind nat calls sylkserver?  any pointer where in the sources i should
> start looking?
> -- juha
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