[SIP Beyond VoIP] session timer in blink transported in dispatched messages

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Mon Sep 30 21:36:25 CEST 2013

On Sep 30, 2013, at 9:35 PM, Juha Heinanen <jh at tutpro.com> wrote:

> Adrian Georgescu writes:
>> 90 seconds is the time after which an unanswered INVITE will be
>> cancelled. What kind of support should be advertise for this?
> sorry, i'm asking about session timer (RFC 4028) support and was not
> sure what Session Timeout meant.

We did not implement SST.

> the original question is still valid: is blink/sipclients lacking
> session timer support because pjsip lib does not support it or is there
> some other reason?
> -- juha

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