[SIP Beyond VoIP] Blink client local DNS usage

David Hubbard david.hubbard at agenor.co.uk
Mon Sep 30 13:32:44 CEST 2013


I'm trying to get Blink Client connected to my (new) SylkServer instance 
in a test setting - purely at this stage to get two client instances 
talking to each other through SylkServer.

My question is:  Is there a way to configure Blink to use local DNS (via 
standard DNS setting) rather than perform DNS lookup through default 

    I have a local DNS server (on Linux) that I am using to configure
    all the required DNS entries - I am using a "dummy" domain -

    I have pointed my Windows box to only look at this DNS server. From
    Windows command line I can ping this dummy domain and do nslookup on
    SRV and TXT records.

    I can see from a packet capture that Blink is sending DNS requests
    to my default gateway (local Wireless LAN)  and
    bypassing my local DNS settings

    Source       Destination     Protocol  Len Info
    29     DNS        80 Standard query
    0x3382 SRV _sip._tcp.mycomp.dh
    30   DNS       150 Standard query
    response 0x374d no such name

    My DNS server setting is    and is my
    Default gateway

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