[SIP Beyond VoIP] question about user+event request uri userparts

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Wed May 1 20:21:54 CEST 2013


i did some more tests and it turned out that the escaped chars in rls
services uri are the reason, why the service uri is not found:

May  1 21:12:01 siika /usr/sbin/pres-serv[28224]: INFO: rls [subscribe.c:94]: matching <sip%3Ajh%2Bpresence%40test.tutpro.com> to <sip:jh+presence at test.tutpro.com>

i then tried to figure out whose job it is to unescape the uri.  in
RFC 4826 XML Resource Lists, i found this:

   If the XCAP client cannot determine whether the user intent is to
   create or replace, the client SHOULD canonicalize the URI before
   performing the operation.  For a SIP URI (often present in the "uri"
   attribute of the <entry> element), this canonicalization procedure is
   defined in Section 5.  We expect that the SIP URIs that will be
   placed into resource lists documents will usually be of the form
   sip:user at domain, and possibly include a user parameter.  The
   canonicalization rules work perfectly for these URIs.

i get the impression that the service uri should have been canonizided
(section 5) by xcap client (in this case sip-session) before the rls
services document is created.  in the examples of the rfc, the service
uri never contains escaped chars.  what is your opinion, is this a bug
in python-xcaplib?

-- juha

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