[SIP Beyond VoIP] Sylkserver Participant Management

Michiel Leenaars michiel.ml at nlnet.nl
Tue Jul 16 11:17:53 CEST 2013

Hi Adrian, all,

congratulations on the port to upstream PJSIP for the SDK, I know this
has been something you've wanted for a long time.

I successfully built and tested the command line sip-session based on
the new SIP SIMPLE SDK (on latest Fedora) with the sip2sip conference
server. I used two independent SIP accounts from different servers for
my test.

It worked well for me, I'm happy to report. I played around with
participant management. One thing I noticed: am I correct that I could
not only remove people in the room that I had invited to a Sylkserver
conference myself - with add_participant user at domain.com - but also
other people unrelated to me (as in: my other account when it had
registered itself independently to the chatroom)? That seems undesirable
to me - some chatbot can come in and kick out all the participants from
all rooms. It would be more logical to only have this kind of power over
people you personally invited.

One thing I would love to be able to manage is to personally mute or
-20dB remote participants at the client side - so just for me. It would
be okay to show this to them in some way, because there might be good
technical reasons like a microphone problem or hindering background
noise for blocking. I'm not sure a conference owner already has some
facility to do this for the entire group, but at the client level this
would be helpful to repair some situations.

Michiel Leenaars
Director of Strategy
NLnet Foundation

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