[SIP Beyond VoIP] XMPP Gateway and SylkServer

Gary Shergill gashergill at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 25 10:36:09 CEST 2012

Hi Adrian,

> There is no such thing as "login to an xmpp client via sylkserver". SylkServer sits between a SIP server and XMPP server, your clients login into those servers, not SylkServer.

Thank you very much for clearing that up, I wasn't entirely sure how
it was suppose to function.

So logging on to user at vopenfire.dev.local should display an active
session under;

Sessions > Active Sessions > Server Sessions,

with the session being SylkServer? If not, is there a way to confirm
that the XMPP gateway part of SylkServer is working without having the
SIP part working?

Thank you again for the help.

Kind Regards,

Gary Shergill

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