[SIP Beyond VoIP] XMPP Gateway and SylkServer

Gary Shergill gashergill at googlemail.com
Mon Sep 24 12:22:48 CEST 2012

Hi SylkServer Community,

I've recently added DNS records for sylkserver and my xmpp domain
(openfire, domain name vopenfire).

I am receiving the following error in the syslog when restarting the sylkserver;

Sep 24 11:13:29 sylkserver sylk-server[2113]: ParsingError: File
contains parsing errors: /etc/sylkserver/xmppgateway.ini
Sep 24 11:13:29 sylkserver sylk-server[2113]: #011[line  8]: ' domains
= vopenfire.<domain>\n'

Any help would be greatly appreciated please.

Note that I am using vim editor on Ubuntu, but also same error when using nano.

Thank you.

Kind Regards,

Gary Shergill

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