[SIP Beyond VoIP] installing sip simple on Windows

Morgan Redfield redfieldm at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 07:38:35 CEST 2012


I'm trying to install SIP SIMPLE on Windows 7 using the instructions
here: http://download.ag-projects.com/SipClient/Windows/Install.windows

I've followed those instructions to the end and have all of the
dependencies, but SIP SIMPLE won't install.

Here's the error that I'm getting:
bash.exe"-3.1$python setup.py build_ext --pjsip-clean-compile
running build_ext
Cleaning PJSIP
Unpacking PJSIP
Patching PJSIP
Patching PortAudio
Configuring PJSIP
error: build\temp.win32-2.6\Release\pjsip\pjsip\include\pjsip\sip_autoconf.h:
No such file or directory

It looks like that sip_autoconf.h file should be created when PJSIP is
configured, but all that is created is sip_autoconf.h.in. Any idea
what's going wrong here?

Morgan Redfield

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