[SIP Beyond VoIP] Upcoming Blink Pro and Lite 2.0.0 with RLS Presence and XCAP

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Mon Oct 8 10:42:31 CEST 2012

5 okt 2012 kl. 17:17 skrev Adrian Georgescu <ag at ag-projects.com>:

> Hello,
> There is new release of Blink for Mac in the Apple review queue. This version adds Presence based on SIP SIMPLE standards using XCAP and RLS. 
This sounds great! Now I would like to see SIP Outbound support too :-)

Thanks for staying in the lead and pushing the boundaries of SIP beyond the PBX :-)


> More information about the implementation can be found here:
> http://projects.ag-projects.com/news/15
> Changelog
> * Added Presence support (PUBLISH, SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY using RLS)
> * Added Address Book storage using XCAP rls-services and resource-lists
> * Added Presence Policy using XCAP org.openmobilealliance.pres-rules
> * Added Icon Storage using XCAP org.openmobilealliance.pres-content
> * Added Offline Presence using XCAP pidf-manipulation
> * Added XMPP interoperability for @sip2sip.info accounts
> * Publish Status, Icon, Activity, Note, Timezone, User-Input and Media Capabilities
> * Added Presence Info Panel and render devices on world map
> * Added menu to select a particular uri when dragging contact to create conference
> * Added menu to select a particular uri when dragging contact to conference drawer
> * Added posibility to start sessions to specific devices (using GRUU)
> * Added view history menu item to History contacts
> * Activate Add contact button in Contact window if at least one uri is set
> * Print reason when the configuration file is corrupted
> * Speak different text for incoming file transfer
> * Refactored Chat window to work on retina displays
> * Do not allow calling anonymous uris in History contacts
> * Improved copy of SIP URI from Contacts
> * Refactored re-usage of streams for chat sessions
> * Update Chat window drawer when removing audio streams
> * Fixed passing curently selected group to add contact dialog
> * Fixed crash when enrollment for free SIP account fails
> * Fixed validating Contacts backups
> Regards,
> Adrian
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