[SIP Beyond VoIP] Another case where Sylk would reject Notifications

Hadzhiev, Tihomir tihomir.hadzhiev at acision.com
Fri Nov 16 16:09:30 CET 2012

As I wrote on top of the mail I have sent, disregard the admin at testing.com<mailto:admin at testing.com> user. The one that is in red is from alice at open-ims.test<mailto:alice at open-ims.test> towards admin at testing.com<mailto:admin at testing.com> that's not the call flow we are looking at.

Instead the target XMPP user is tihoparvi at testing.com<mailto:tihoparvi at testing.com>


From: Adrian Georgescu [mailto:ag at ag-projects.com]
Sent: 16 November 2012 16:02
To: Hadzhiev, Tihomir
Cc: sipbeyondvoip at lists.ag-projects.com
Subject: Re: [SIP Beyond VoIP] Another case where Sylk would reject Notifications

The answer is in the line:

SIP/2.0 481 Call/Transaction Does Not Exist

The Notify received by SylkServer from IMS server does not match any subscription. SylkServer started a subscription with Call-ID: JA7JhBheIYEBluQMcw2-RQ2.lh35CntV and got 202 OK. Subsequent NOTIFY must have same call id, but it does not, it uses Call-ID: cwL-bWBXrIVO2VDXdhneNgOluVudateT instead.


On Nov 16, 2012, at 3:33 PM, Hadzhiev, Tihomir wrote:

==> sip_trace.txt <==
2012-11-16 14:53:40.611456 [sylk-server 30934]: SENDING: Packet 1, +0:00:00 -(SIP over UDP)->
SUBSCRIBE sip:alice at open-ims.test SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport;branch=z9hG4bKPjAJwSi5xicEf5AurgbBADneVBfgqOAkTL
Max-Forwards: 70
From: <sip:tihoparvi at testing.com>;tag=BNdJ7hoAPdRZGMX.ehk3x80KWzp0946f
To: <sip:alice at open-ims.test>
Contact: <sip:clnheraz at>
Call-ID: JA7JhBheIYEBluQMcw2-RQ2.lh35CntV

==> sip_trace.txt <==
2012-11-16 14:53:40.612043 [sylk-server 30934]: RECEIVED: Packet 2, +0:00:00.000587 -(SIP over UDP)->
SIP/2.0 202 OK

==> sip_trace.txt <==
2012-11-16 14:54:37.258218 [sylk-server 30934]: RECEIVED: Packet 7, +0:00:56.646762 -(SIP over UDP)->
NOTIFY sip:wbfhcopd at SIP/2.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKd0b2.89150127.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKd0b2.62b4a8f4.0
To: sip:admin at testing.com;tag=MdlzJqoJndrpldssDBZ-77gVVv87J0fI
From: sip:alice at open-ims.test;tag=48b5b8952e8d0bca6256941910840e90-ce98
Call-ID: cwL-bWBXrIVO2VDXdhneNgOluVudateT

==> sip_trace.txt <==
2012-11-16 14:54:37.258624 [sylk-server 30934]: SENDING: Packet 8, +0:00:56.647168 -(SIP over UDP)->
SIP/2.0 481 Call/Transaction Does Not Exist
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;received=;branch=z9hG4bKd0b2.89150127.0
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKd0b2.62b4a8f4.0
Call-ID: cwL-bWBXrIVO2VDXdhneNgOluVudateT
From: <sip:alice at open-ims.test>;tag=48b5b8952e8d0bca6256941910840e90-ce98
To: <sip:admin at testing.com>;tag=MdlzJqoJndrpldssDBZ-77gVVv87J0fI
Server: SylkServer-2.2.1
Content-Length:  0

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