[SIP Beyond VoIP] couple of sylkserver questions

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Mon Nov 12 14:45:56 CET 2012

sip-session client has add_participant and remove_participant commands
that can be used to add and remove participants from conference, but it
does not have command to list conference participants. rfc4353 tells:

   The conference notification service allows a conference-aware
   participant to subscribe to it, and receive notifications that
   contain the list of participants.  When a new participant joins or
   leaves, subscribers are notified.  The conference notification
   service also allows a user to do a "fetch" [4] to obtain the current

is this "fetch" somehow possible from sylkserver?

rfc4353 further states:

   There is no explicit means in SIP to destroy a conference.  However,
   a conference may be destroyed as a by-product of a user leaving the
   conference, which can be done with BYE.  In particular, if the
   conference policy states that the conference is destroyed once the
   last user or a specific user leaves, when that user does leave (using
   a SIP BYE request), the conference is destroyed.

based on my tests, looks like conference is destroyed when last user
leaves it.  is that the only way to destroy conference?  for example,
when a user joins, there could be some way to tell that conference is
destroyed when this user leaves it no matter how many other users are
still in conference.  or there could be a special bye header that means
that the whole conference is destroyed.

sorry about these basic questions.  i have not yet read all relevant

-- juha

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