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Anil KARADAG akaradag at NETAS.com.tr
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Hi Saúl,

Thanks for reply. The problem is occurred due to wrong filled digest access authentication field of http get request. 
We dumped http packets from openxcap server; we show that authentication field has to be like the below;

Authorization: Digest username="test", realm="", nonce="725361094017993152615758319915065333992456454020454948449", uri="/xcap-root/resource-lists/users/sip:test at", response="86ba8334c8dd7a4183cceb3c1686757d", opaque="5a4a3vabf1f9cb8e9a356e38e1105065-NzI1MzYxMDk0MDE3OTkzMTUyNjE1NzU4MzE5OTE1MDY1MzMzOTkyNDU2NDU0MDIwNDU0OTQ4NDQ5LDQ3LjE2OC44NS45OCwxMzUyNDYyMTgw", algorithm="MD5", qop=auth, nc=00000001, cnonce="68b7895ac8306ae8"

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On Nov 9, 2012, at 8:59 AM, Hakan Sencer YILDIZ wrote:

> Hi Guys ,
> I have a simple question about openxcap xdms server. I m trying to connect to the server with java HttpURLConnection.
> I have added one user to the subscriber table called "test" with password "1234"
> i am trying to get the resource list from the server with the help of the java code attached to the email.
> And i m getting "500 internal server error". I couldnt find out the reason of the case.
> Could you please advice me that how i can solve this problem?
> Thank you so much for your interest.

Does OpenXCAP say anything in the logs? Also, my Java is really gone at this point, but at a quick glance I see you calculate the digest beforehand, but you need to put the nonce you get in the WWW-Authorize header from the first 401.


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