[SIP Beyond VoIP] MSRP: Transaction Response and Success/Failure Report

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One thing first in general:

  *   Failure Reports (which are responses to MSRP requests) are always chunk related
  *   Success Reports (which are MSRP REPORT Requests) are always related to a message (the whole, or parts of it (ByteRange))

So to clarify things here:

  1.  A message can be sent in one chunk or more then one chunk (depending on size and if the message must be interrupted or not).
  2.  For each chunk u can request a failure report. If Failure Report is YES or PARTIAL u should run a timer for waiting for 200 OK or an error response (in case of partial). However there is no need to wait for the response before sending the next chunk/message
  3.  For a MESSAGE you can request a success report by setting the Success-Report header to yes (note default here is false). If the message is chunked – then the value for that header MUST BE equal in every chunk of that message. Which makes sense as the success report is related to the whole message and not one chunk only. If a report was requested a timer could be started and one could wait for the report to be received. But you should be aware that this may take a while as the report signals successful end to end delivery (where responses are hop by hop). So you may find a better strategy by marking a message as send when all chunks are transferred and as received when u get the report.

In any case u only send transaction (chunk) responses in case they have been requested by failure report header. The success report header is not related to transactions at all.

Hope this helps


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Subject: [SIP Beyond VoIP] MSRP: Transaction Response and Success/Failure Report

Hi all,

This is my first post in this group.

After going through spec RFC 4975, I've tabulated the relation ship between
Succes/Failure Report option in MSRP headers, Transaction response, Reports and Timers.

Could any expert comment on the tables!! Thanks in advance for your valuable time.

a. After last byte of chunk is sent/submitted to O.S, client has to start the fallowing timer

Option in the chunk Header

Transaction Timer

Success-Report timer

Success-Report - NO



Success-Report – YES



Failure-Report – NO



Failure-Report – YES



Failure-Report – PARTIAL



b. At receiving end, received chunk with the fallowing options:

Option in the received
Chunk header





Send transaction response

Send transaction response
Send Success-Report



No transaction response
No Failure report, even in case of failure

Send transaction response
Send Failure report if any

Send Failure report if any

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