[SIP Beyond VoIP] MSRP: Response code 481 & 506

venu Y toyvenu at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 15:04:37 CEST 2012


"When the first request arrives, its To-Path header field should contain a
URI that the listening element provided in the SDP for a session. The
element that accepted the connection looks up the URI in the received
request, and determines which session it matches. If a match exists, the
node MUST assume that the host that formed the
connection is the host to which this URI was given. If no match exists, the
node MUST reject the request with a 481 response. The node MUST also check
to make sure the session is not already in use on another connection. If
the session is already in use, it MUST reject the request with a 506

Should we perform this validation only for the initial message or all
messages received in a session.

Giving 481 is O.K, but for 506 should the client need to search all the
sessions in all connections :-(

Thanks for your time.

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