[SIP Beyond VoIP] sip-session Command Line SIP client

Adrian Georgescu ag at AG-PROJECTS.COM
Tue Sep 20 12:05:59 CEST 2011

sip-session command line tool has been updated to perform call transfer and multi-party conference related actions like add/remove participants. If you test SIP services beyond VoIP involving ICE, sRTP or MSRP you will love this tool, it can do wideband audio, chat and file transfer sessions on Linux and Mac terminals.

alice at example.com> /help

General commands:
  /call {user[@domain]}: call the specified user using audio and chat
  /audio {user[@domain]} [+chat]: call the specified user using audio and possibly chat
  /chat {user[@domain]} [+audio]: call the specified user using chat and possibly audio
  /send {user[@domain]} {file}: initiate a file transfer with the specified user
  /next: select the next connected session
  /prev: select the previous connected session
  /sessions: show the list of connected sessions
  /trace [[+|-]sip] [[+|-]msrp] [[+|-]pjsip] [[+|-]notifications]: toggle/set tracing on the console (ctrl-x s | ctrl-x m | ctrl-x j | ctrl-x n)
  /rtp [on|off]: toggle/set printing RTP statistics and ICE negotiation results on the console (ctrl-x p)
  /mute [on|off]: mute the microphone (ctrl-x u)
  /input [device]: change audio input device (ctrl-x i)
  /output [device]: change audio output device (ctrl-x o)
  /alert [device]: change audio alert device (ctrl-x a)
  /echo [+|-][value]: adjust echo cancellation (ctrl-x < | ctrl-x >)
  /quit: quit the program (ctrl-x q)
  /help: display this help message (ctrl-x ?)

In call commands:
  /hangup: hang-up the active session (ctrl-x h)
  /dtmf {0-9|*|#|A-D}...: send DTMF tones (ctrl-x 0-9|*|#|A-D)
  /record [on|off]: toggle/set audio recording (ctrl-x r)
  /hold [on|off]: hold/unhold (ctrl-x SPACE)
  /add {chat|audio}: add a stream to the current session
  /remove {chat|audio}: remove a stream from the current session
  /add_participant {user at domain}: add the specified user to the conference
  /remove_participant {user at domain}: remove the specified user from the conference
  /transfer {user at domain}: transfer (using blind transfer) callee to the specified destination


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