[SIP Beyond VoIP] Question on conferencing in sip-session

Michiel Leenaars michiel.ml at nlnet.nl
Mon Oct 24 22:55:57 CEST 2011

Dear all,

I've been looking into getting the command line client (as can be
found in http://sipsimpleclient.com/wiki/sip_session) to provide
full functionality (for people that really don't need the additional 
weight of a GUI, like command line warriors but more importantly
for people with visual impairments that use a non-graphical 
environment like Vinux). The command line client already provides 
most of what is needed - but not quite.

What triggered me into action was the fact that I can start and accept 
multiple calls perfectly but not manage to get them into a single 
conference call. So I started adding the menu options (e.g. instead
of just accepting an incoming call, I added the option to add the
call to a conference session) and digging further into the code. The 
existing menu, the code and the wiki all suggested that there should be
a way to add people to a conference, and so I thought it would be
trivial to add this. But the advertised options seem to be either
a place holder or outdated, at least - I tried several times but I 
cannot add a participant to a conference call no matter how I tried.

I looked at the way sessions.py is wired in the Blink Qt client,
and this works in completely another way - using the AudioConference
class (which is not used in the sip-session script but according 
to the SDK is indeed the way things should work). I have first hand 
experience that is works as advertised, but maybe there is another 
way to get it to work and I just misread the code.

Is there someone with more in depth knowledge that can explain the 
current behaviour and cure me of possible lack of understanding of 
the codes inner working? If things are not as they should be (as I 
expect), are other people interested in fixing this and making this 
into a fullblown conference call-enabled client for the command line?


drs. M.A.G.J. Leenaars
Director of Strategy
NLnet foundation
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