[SIP SIMPLE client] Registering SIP command-line client to Cisco Call Manager?

Robert Kulagowski rkulagow at gmail.com
Mon May 2 22:21:36 CEST 2011

I am trying to put together a quick script that will do the following:

Register to Call Manager with a numeric directory number.
Automatically answer any calls to that number, save the resulting
audio stream to a file.
Multicast the audio file.

(I am trying to implement a store-and-forward paging system).

In using the command-line clients for testing, I can't see how to
configure this for Call Manager.  In my other SIP devices, there are
two separate things that must be done to register the device to Call

First, the endpoint registers to CM using with a user ID (which in
this case would be the DN I specify, such as 123456).  It must also
present a authenticate ID (which would be a username configured on the
Call Manager, such as "linuxmulticast" and a password such as

There doesn't appear to be a way to do this using the command line
clients (or at least I haven't figured it out using the examples).

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