[SIP Beyond VoIP] [sipsimple] Error while establishing session

Mihai Richard mihai.richard at softvision.ro
Tue Dec 13 15:58:08 CET 2011


I have a C++ application on MacOS which uses sipsimple through the embedded
python interpreter and I am experiencing the following issue. I can
successfully establish a session between two clients using sip-session from
terminal but when one of the clients runs in the embedded interpreter I
cannot establish a session. I am logging all the notifications that I
receive and here is what happens:

handle_notification() - SIPApplicationWillStart

handle_notification() - SIPEngineWillStart

[Switching to process 36426]
handle_notification() - SIPEngineDidStart

handle_notification() - SIPAccountManagerWillStart

handle_notification() - SIPAccountManagerDidStart

handle_notification() - SIPApplicationDidStart

handle_notification() - SIPAccountRegistrationGotAnswer

handle_notification() - SIPAccountRegistrationDidSucceed

handle_notification() - DNSLookupTrace

handle_notification() - DNSLookupTrace

handle_notification() - DNSLookupDidSucceed

handle_notification() - SIPSessionNewOutgoing

handle_notification() - SIPSessionGotRingIndication

handle_notification() - SIPSessionGotProvisionalResponse

handle_notification() - SIPSessionWillStart
Starting factory <eventlet.twistedutil.protocol.GreenInstanceFactory
instance at 0x19e0b800>
Stopping factory <eventlet.twistedutil.protocol.GreenInstanceFactory
instance at 0x19e0b800>
handle_notification() - MediaStreamDidFail
(here I am printing the reason for MediaStreamDidFail)
A TLS packet with unexpected length was received.

handle_notification() - SIPSessionWillEnd

handle_notification() - MediaStreamWillEnd

handle_notification() - MediaStreamDidEnd
handle_notification() - SIPSessionDidProcessTransaction

handle_notification() - SIPSessionDidFail

I would appreciate any insight on this problem.

Thank you,
Mihai Richard
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