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Paulo Fidalgo o.kanniball.o at gmail.com
Tue Aug 23 18:45:17 CEST 2011


I've been trying to use a lot of configured accounts (35000) in 
sipsimple, as a way to start some clients and use them.
Although for a simple register the CPU stays at top and I can't register...
Since all accounts have the same settings, only the sip-uri is diferent, 
is it possible to create an Account object with all properties setted?

I was thinking in something like this:

#Given an username returns an Account

def create_acount(user):

     account = Account()

     account.registration.enabled = True

   account.id = 'alice at example.com'

   account.id.username = 'alice'

   account.id.domain = 'example.com'



The problem is knowing all the parameters and attributes that can be 
needed. There are any example to use?
In the configuration file I've setted this parameters:

         enabled = true


             password = ****


             connection_model = acm

             transport = tcp


             enabled = true

             use_rls = true


             outbound_proxy = "OUTBOUND_PROXY:5060;transport=tcp"


             enabled = true

             xcap_root = "XCAP_ROOT}"

Thanks for your attention,

Paulo Fidalgo

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