[SIP SIMPLE client] sylk is not relaying chat messages

Juha Heinanen jh at tutpro.com
Fri Apr 29 19:58:12 CEST 2011


i added some more debug to dispatch_private_message function:

    def dispatch_private_message(self, session, message):
        # Private messages are delivered to all sessions matching the recipient but also to the sender,
        # for replication in clients
        recipient = message.recipients[0]
        log.msg(u'Dispatching private message "%s" to recipient "%s" with remote_identity "%s"' % (message.body, recipient.uri, session.remote_identity.uri))
        for s in (s for s in self.sessions if s is not session and s.remote_identity.uri in (recipient.uri, session.remote_identity.uri)):
                log.msg(u'Trying "%s"' % (session.remote_identity))

when user foo at test.fi sends message 'hello', this gets printed to syslog:

Apr 29 20:54:18 sip sylk-server[10430]: Dispatching private message "hello" to recipient "sip:+35892345671*5393*2075 at cf.test.fi" with remote_identity "sip:foo at test.fi"

it shows that the for loop is executed zero times meaning that nothing
is send.

-- juha

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