[SIP SIMPLE client] beginner SylkServer hiccups

Jeff Pyle jpyle at fidelityvoice.com
Mon Apr 25 23:42:24 CEST 2011


I am attempting to deploy SylkServer behind an Opensips instance on a local LAN for testing purposes.  My progress is mixed.

Sylk's config.ini is completely default with the exception of moving the tcp and udp ports from 5060 to 5080.  conference.ini is completely default.

With 100% udp transport, I'm able to connect an audio conference session from Blink through Opensips to SylkServer.  When I try to use the chat window, I receive back a 488 Not Acceptable Here.

My thought was perhaps I need tcp for this to work.  IM over SIP, including MSRP, is new to me.  I converted the Blink-Opensips and Opensips-Sylkserver communications to TCP.  Now, the audio conference session appears to work, including RTP in both directions, I just can't hear it on Blink.  And Blink disconnects the session with a BYE after a few seconds.

I'm flying a bit blind here.  Is there documentation for SylkServer, other than what's contained in the default configurations?  Do I need anything other than SylkServer to handle the MSRP session?  It's my understanding Sylk will do that, but I can't get it to listen on port 2855.

Any direction towards some documentation would be greatly appreciated.

- Jeff

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