[SIP SIMPLE client] New SIP SIMPLE client SDK release 0.16.2

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Thu Nov 11 15:23:34 CET 2010

There is a new release for SIP SIMPLE client SDK available, version 0.16.2 with many bug fixes and new features.

python-sipsimple (0.16.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed memory and file descriptor leaks in BonjourServices
  * Added notifications for Bonjour discovery failures
  * Refactored Bonjour re-discovery after settings change
  * Ignore TLS contacts if the Boujour account doesn't have a certificate
  * Refresh MWI subscription if always_use_my_proxy setting changes
  * Use always_use_my_proxy setting for MWI subscriptions
  * Set minimum time for refreshing a subscription to 30 seconds
  * Wait for 3 hours if MWI subscription fails instead of stopping it
  * Fixed bonjour discovery when SIP transport list is changed
  * Made accounts also listen for config changes from SIPSimpleSettings
  * Do not return routes with unsupported transport from the DNS lookup
  * Set MSRPRelayAddress setting default port to 2855
  * Moved server_advertised_uri attribute to the mwi handler
  * Added reregister method on Account
  * Added reactivate methods for registrar and mwi
  * Prefer the server advertised voicemail URI over the user setting
  * Added account.sip.always_use_my_proxy setting
  * Use None when the server advertised voicemail URI is an empty string
  * Reset the server advertised voicemail URI when MWI is disabled
  * Fixed handling of multiple settings changed at the same time
  * Remove sip: from the server advertised voicemail uri when saving it
  * Use capital case letters for acronyms
  * Remove transport_list setting from BonjourAccount
  * Reset bonjour neighbours on account deactivation
  * Turn off ICE by default
  * Limit PJSIP log level setting value between 0 and 5 to avoid crashes
  * Fixed handling of Account id change in AccountManager
  * Fixed handling of the id change of an Account and other SettingsObjects
  * Made XCAPManager not transition to insync if journal is not empty
  * Made audio device settings strings and removed unnecessary empty subclases
  * Made SampleRate only accept valid rates
  * Added SIPAccountWillActivate and SIPAccountWillDeactivate notifications
  * Set XCAP User-Agent on application start
  * Use xml.xsd from local folder instead of importing it remotely
  * Trigger a XCAP document fetch on some subscription errors
  * Make port test consistent with the rest of the code
  * Simplified port range handling and fixed case for odd ports number
  * Fixed port boundary checks
  * Fixed incorrect __hash__ method
  * Use UA string as User-Agent header for XCAP requests
  * Avoind unnecessary conversion to unicode in PortRange conversion
  * Added missing __ne__ method to some data types
  * Fixed saving configuration after assigning DefaultValue to a setting
  * Added PositiveInteger datatype
  * Enhanced xcapdiff subscription process
  * Removed use_xcap_diff setting
  * Rollback: Changed visibility of command and data channels
  * Rollback: Avoid using SubHandlingValue object inside XCAPManager
  * Fixed account elements reload on settings change
  * Synced Engine default options with settings
  * Improved default values for various global settings
  * Use the specific version of cython 0.12.1 for building the package
  * Enhanced xcapdiff subscription termination
  * Don't try to unregister if we weren't registered at all
  * Changed visibility of command and data channels to private
  * Fixed handling bogus TXT records for XCAP server lookups
  * Fixed contact edit in XCAPManager when it needs to be removed and readded
  * Avoid using SubHandlingValue object inside XCAPManager
  * Fixed building contact name on XCAP manager
  * Fixed use of identity conditions
  * Fixed handling of SIPRegistrationDidFail and SIPSubscriptionDidFail exceptions
  * Fixed handling of SDP c line inside the media stream
  * Don't wait for pending operations to finish on shutdown
  * Added cached_cocuments property to XCAPManager
  * Handle BadStatusLine exception when fetching/updating documents
  * Added equal and hash methods to Contact, Policy and condition classes
  * Raise RuntimeError if no cache directory is provided for XCAP documents
  * Don't keep old transformations if updated rule's action is not 'allow'
  * Removed some unnecessary NotificationCenter instantiations
  * Added properties for handling the server advertised voicemail URI
  * Disable dialog event by default
  * Increase default subscribe and publish intervals
  * Added back thread attribute in SIPApplication
  * Properly fix race condition when first NOTIFY for MWI arrives
  * Avoid adding more than one MWI subscribe operation to the command channel
  * Fixed waiting timeout for engine shutdown
  * Changed name for reactor thread attribute and join thread on stop
  * Moved Changelog back to toplevel
  * Fixed boolean parameters in xcap_manager test script
  * End MWI subscription before ending registration

Update instructions are available at:


Kind regards,
Adrian Georgescu

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