[SIP SIMPLE client] New SIP SIMPLE client SDK release 0.16.5

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Tue Dec 14 18:02:06 CET 2010

There is a new release for SIP SIMPLE client SDK available, version 0.16.5 with bug fixes and improvements.

python-sipsimple (0.16.5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed matching of media codecs on incoming calls
  * Allow ip_address to be specified on engine start
  * Fixed accepted types checking when using CPIM
  * Fixed CPIM support detection
  * Generate InvalidStreamError if no compatible payload types are found
    in ChatStream
  * Added nameservers used for lookup to the DNSLookupTrace notification
  * Added InterruptCommand exception
  * Added DNS resolver autodetection capabilities
  * Made accessing to the transport parameter of a SIP URI easier
  * Fixed TLS transport initialization
  * Fixed XCAPManager shutdown
  * Adapt XCAPManager test script to changes in the middleware
  * Handle ConnectionLost error in XCAPManager
  * Only use fallback candidate list as the last resort
  * Avoid creating a external reference on the subscriptions lists
  * Avoid moving external references to resource-lists toplevel
  * Don't initialize XCAPManager if the server doesn't support certain auids
  * Reset cached documents if XCAP root changes
  * Added ThreadManager and moved thread related stuff from util to threading
  * Reformatted some module docstrings
  * Made configuration thread safe
  * Automated finding python packages in setup.py
  * Updated documentation

Update instructions are available at:


Kind regards,
Adrian Georgescu

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