[SIP SIMPLE client] Feature requests

Michiel Leenaars michiel.ml at nlnet.nl
Thu Jan 29 20:41:11 CET 2009

Dear all,

I think it would be very interesting to support two very basic 
functionalities to the SIPsimple client library to generically enable
plenty of additional features out of the box. This will allow more
people to understand the openness of SIP and be creative, and it would
let them integrate very well with their current workflows - e.g.
through DBUS, etc.

* support for standard input and output, i.e. if the SIP 'tube' is set 
  up between the caller and the callee, they can dump anything to any 
  application on either side.

Say Bob types:

tail -f /var/log/dmesg | sip_tube michiel at nlnet.nl -

Say Alice has typed:

sip_tube -r | cat - > dmesg.log

The output from the one system would flow to other, as if they were
one system. But of course this feature would work out of the box for any
POSIX-command that the user can think of, including streaming video
(vlc) and other more interesting uses than tail.

* support for ssh over a sip tube

a special case would be to interact with a remote shell (which is the
choice of the user) over SIP. This would be little more than a regular
SSH session over a higher port, but it would allow to safely execute
remote commands to a user on a mobile client like Android phones (or 
iPhone, if that is your flavour) or a system behind NAT etc - whereever
that system is, provided the incoming user is trusted by the recipient. 

All the regular authentication mechanisms and advanced uses like X
forwarding, etc for ssh can be expected to work. sip_ssh should do
what ssh does, but instead of the regular FQDN or IP-address use a sip
wrapper to determine its destination. That will allow a lot of fun
things like remote applications to be embedded in the client(s) that
will be built.

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