[SIP SIMPLE client] Version 0.03

Willem Toorop willem at ahk.nl
Mon Jan 26 22:41:27 CET 2009

Hi All,

Attached version 0.04 :)
The usage is now as follows:

Without target address:
./sip_desktop_sharing [--auto-answer <list of sip addresses | all>]

With target address:
./sip_desktop_sharing [--desktop <remote | local>] user at domain.com

In the first form it will sit idle waiting for incoming desktop sharing
sessions. When the --auto-answer option is given, it will share the local
desktop automatically without user intervention to sessions set up by
addresses from the <list of sip addresses>. When <all> is given, everybody
is automatically authorized to share the local desktop.
Offers to share the remote desktop will always require manual permission.

In the second form it will call the targeted address, and request to share
the remote desktop. If "--desktop local" is used, the local desktop is
offered for sharing.

   1. The <Enter>, <Backspace> and <Tab> and Control- keys are now working.
   2. Multiple sessions from different callers can be set up with a called
   The called parties desktop will be shared between all those callers.

I have a listening sip_desktop_sharing session, open for testing purposes.
You can reach it with:

./sip_desktop_sharing 2233361709 at sip2sip.info

I've added three lines to site-packages/pypjua/clients/config.py to allow
for extra options for a specific program.

On line 81 i changed

def parse_options(usage, description):


def parse_options(usage, description, extra_options = ()):

On line 129, just before

    options, args = parser.parse_args()

I added:

    for extra_option in extra_options:
        parser.add_option(*extra_option[0], **extra_option[1])

The sip_desktop_sharing program has a local version this file (and of
site-packages/pypjua/clients/clientconfig.py for finding the wav files), so
you don't have to alter the originals.

Good luck sip_desktop_sharing !


2009/1/26 Adrian Georgescu <ag at ag-projects.com>

> Hi Willem,
> Could you improve the program  as follows:
> 1. Provide a ringing indication so that the called party can agree with it
> like for a normal session, use the --auto-answer option if you want to
> respond automatically
> 2. Use --desktop argument instead of request, the values can be local or
> remote, default is remote
> Adrian
> On Jan 26, 2009, at 12:36 PM, Willem Toorop wrote:
> Hi All,
> Attached version 0.03 of sip_desktop_sharing. The usage is:
> ./sip_desktop_sharing [target-user at target-domain.com] [request]
> Without arguments it will sit idle waiting for incoming desktop sharing
> requests, with a target address it will call that address to setup a desktop
> sharing session. If there is a second argument, request, the caller will ask
> the callee for its desktop, otherwise the callers desktop is offered to the
> callee.
> There are still many bugs.
>    - When SDP negotiation fails, the caller isn't notified.
>    - Some keys still need to be translated properly from pygame to rfb key
>    events. Notably the <enter> key doesn't work yet :)
>    - Sometimes the session just stops for several seconds (maybe the 30
>    seconds MSRP-Relay timeout?)
> I have a small desktop which I share using sip_desktop_sharing which
> auto-accepts desktop requests for testing purposes.
> You can connect to it with:
> ./sip_desktop_sharing 2233361709 request
> Let me know if this version works for you.
> Cheers,
> Willem
> <sip_desktop_sharing-0.03.tgz>
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