[SIP SIMPLE client] Version 0.03

Willem Toorop willem.toorop at os3.nl
Mon Jan 26 12:36:41 CET 2009

Hi All,

Attached version 0.03 of sip_desktop_sharing. The usage is:

./sip_desktop_sharing [target-user at target-domain.com] [request]

Without arguments it will sit idle waiting for incoming desktop sharing
requests, with a target address it will call that address to setup a desktop
sharing session. If there is a second argument, request, the caller will ask
the callee for its desktop, otherwise the callers desktop is offered to the

There are still many bugs.

   - When SDP negotiation fails, the caller isn't notified.
   - Some keys still need to be translated properly from pygame to rfb key
   events. Notably the <enter> key doesn't work yet :)
   - Sometimes the session just stops for several seconds (maybe the 30
   seconds MSRP-Relay timeout?)

I have a small desktop which I share using sip_desktop_sharing which
auto-accepts desktop requests for testing purposes.
You can connect to it with:

./sip_desktop_sharing 2233361709 request

Let me know if this version works for you.

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